Green Acres is my child’s favourite camp.  She wishes she could be there for the whole summer and every year she looks forward to it!  The camp is worth every penny! It was our sons first time going to camp and going on a bus alone and from the first week he was so happy and excited to go to camp each day.  He truly had a wonderful first experience and can’t wait to go back! My daughter came home on the last day and said “Mom, those were the best two weeks of camp that I have ever had!  Please start saving now so you can send me next year!” My children love this camp!  The staff are super friendly! Our child looks forward to Green Acres every year! Our son moved to Green Acres from a difference camp, and constantly said how much better Green Acres was. Our daughter cried her eyes out on her last day and asked why she couldn’t stay longer. Our son loves getting up each morning and getting ready for the bus and going off to see his friends and do really cool things every day.  He tells everyone that will listen how much fun he has and they should go! Even when it was pouring rain, our daughter couldn’t get up and dressed and out the door fast enough to get to camp. Green Acres was an amazing experience.  We came from Israel for two weeks with plenty of fears (language barrier, etc.) and fell in love with Green Acres! My kids swimming skills were greatly improved throughout the summer. Our daughter had awesome and attentive counsellors and she really bonded with the girls in her cabin. This was our first summer and we can’t express enough gratitude to the camp.  Compared to other summer camps we really see a difference.  The camp fostered our child’s self confidence. This was my daughter’s first year at camp and first year taking a bus.  She is an only child and sometimes suffers with anxiety issues when in new environments.  Everyone was so helpful and committed to helping her recognize her own potential.  In the short 2 weeks she made new friends, overcame many social fears and came away from the experience with more self confidence, something that we continue to see.  She is already asking when she can go again. Not a day went by that she did not want to go to camp. The camp staff was always very responsive to my communications and very flexible when some changes needed to be made last minute.  Very much appreciated by me as a parent. Communication with the camp staff is excellent.  As my son gets older and his needs change, I’m even more impressed with the way Green Acres is run.  An excellent camp! She looked forward to going every day and was very sad when it ended.  Her and my son sing camp songs and do camp dances all day long. This was T’s first time doing MyCAMP and she loved it!  The variety of activities was great and the flexibility was amazing! This was our first year and it was my son’s best experience at day camp to date.  He loved selecting his own programs at MyCAMP. Our son is always talking about the All-Star Sports Camp and how much liked the sports and staff. The quality of counsellors and activities continue to be excellent! R. loved Wahano-Ventures – it really made her Green Acres experience. My daughter loved the Cedar Creek program! M. absolutely loved the LTP program and hopes to become a counsellor at Green Acres. Every summer at Green Acres has been fabulous!

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