・For Campers completed SK to Grade 6・

Our optional specialty programs are all about having fun and exploring your passions!

Amazing recreational activities taught by camp instructors. 

Optional Specialty Programs

Campers have the opportunity to learn and improve their skills and participate in different programs each week. Similar to Traditional Camp, campers will be placed in a cabin group and together with their counsellors, will get hands-on experience in the specialized activities. Program curriculum is age appropriate and adapted for all age groups at camp.  Activities are either held on-site at Camp Riverwood or off-site at one of our partners’ facilities (transportation is included and provided by camp).

Campers participate in our optional specialty programs for half of the camp day (morning OR afternoon) and traditional camp for the other half so that they get the best of both worlds at Riverwood!  Campers in our optional specialty programs are cohorted together in one cabin group in order to minimize/eliminate cohort mixing at camp.


Do you love sports and being active but can’t decide which sporty optional to pick? All-Star Sports is the optional for you! Campers will have the opportunity to play multiple sports during the program to improve their skills! As a recreational based optional, All-Star Sports focuses on having fun and learning new skills!

Ready to hit a home run this summer? Campers from all different skill levels are welcomed and encouraged to sign up for our Baseball Optional! All of the fundamentals of baseball will be covered throughout the week. From catching and throwing, base running and sliding to hitting and bunting .  Campers will have a chance to improve all their skills! Get ready to join the Riverwood Baseball Hall of Fame! 

* Off Site Activity

Campers become engineers, architects, construction workers, and designers in our building program! Using Lego, Maze Runners, K’nex, natural materials, and other loose parts, children will plan and make incredible creations. From developing cities to inventing new forms of transportation, designing homes of the future, and making never before seen animals.  Your camper will use hands-on skills and creativity in our “Build It!” program.

Ready for some fun this summer? Join Crafty Creations to release your inner artist! In this program, campers will be using their imagination to transform their crafts into personalized art creations. Bringing home new skills and wondrous art projects!

Calling all dance stars, those who love to boogie, and everyone in between! This optional program has campers learning a variety of dance styles like jazz, contemporary, and hip hop. With workshops, freestyle, and stage presence lessons campers will be geared up to perform a group choreographed routine at our end of the week Spirit Rally!

Stuck at home all year? Want to spruce up your room and give it a new life? Join Riverwood and their expert designers and become one yourself! DIY Designers will teach you exciting do it yourself crafts to make your space fun and fresh.

Riverwood’s Flag Football and Ultimate frisbee optional is a great way to foster team cooperation and learn some new skills! Flag Football and Ultimate Frisbee is a learn to play program and campers of all skill levels are encouraged to join! This program is designed to be recreational as it focuses on team building, game and skill development.

Crime Scene Investigators in training unite! Campers will spend the week exploring mock crime scenes, collecting evidence, uncovering clues, and determining who is guilty. Our staff will train campers with skills to examine and interpret the clues and data found at the scene.

A 45 minute daily Swim Lesson is provided by qualified instructors in partnership with the City of Pickering in a safe and fun environment. Campers improve their swimming skills, performance, stroke technique and confidence. At the end of each session campers receive a swim report to take home.

*Off-site activity

A fantastic introduction to magic and the art of illusion. Campers will learn tricks that will “WOW” their friends and family.

In Play With Clay campers will explore sculpting, molding, carving, and more. This hands-on program will have campers making a variety of projects to showcase the skills they have acquired.

Campers are encouraged to challenge themselves and reach new heights in our Rock Climbing optional! Developing coordination, confidence, and balance campers will learn how to scale rock walls like a champ. Supervised by Riverwood counsellors, and guided by Rock Oasis climbing instructors.  Campers will love this optional!

*Off-site activity

Excited to get out of the house this summer? The soccer optional is a great way to stay active in a fun, team building environment. Campers of all experience levels are welcome! The recreational soccer program focuses on developing each camper’s individual skills. From passing, shooting, free-kicks and goal keeping, all of the fundamental soccer skills will be covered. See you on the field!

Interested in exploring the cosmos? Join the Space Exploration optional where campers learn all about the solar system, as well as other stars and galaxies! Campers will blast off into the world of rocket design! Each camper will be taken through the fundamentals of designing and building their own rocket. Once fully constructed our Riverwood astronauts will be able to launch their rockets at the end of the week!

Enhance your campers cooking skills by joining our Tasty Treats optional! Working alongside our talented staff, campers will follow recipes, learn kitchen safety and fundamental cooking skills. They will have the opportunity to become young chefs as they make delicious meals and desserts from different parts of the world!

Pickering Tennis Pros will help your camper become a well-rounded tennis player. From forehands, backhands, serves, to volleys and overheads your camper will learn all the aspects of the game while supervised and encouraged by an all-star team of Riverwood staff and Tennis Coaches! 

*Off-site activity

Have a passion for video games, digital design and coding? Video Game Creator is the optional for you! Campers will spend their week at camp learning the fundamentals of video game design. Each camper will have the opportunity to create their own video games with multiple levels! At the end of the program, campers will be given their games’ unique URL. This can be used to share their creations with friends and to play their game at home!

Foster innovative thinking, explore every curiosity, and become a wacky scientist with our Wacky Science optional! Campers will be challenged to think and explore the hows and whys of science. From colour changing materials, life sciences, to objects and materials your camper will spend the week experimenting and watching incredible live demonstrations.

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