Privacy Policy

Camp Riverwood has a strong commitment to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of our camp families. Camp Riverwood only collects and retains personal information with your knowledge and consent. Personal information is collected in order to properly serve and meet the needs of our campers and their families. Such information is collected through the following:

  • Application For Enrollment Form
  • Camper Information Form
  • Camper Health Form
  • Swim Assessment Form
  • Transportation Form
  • Extended Evening Program Form
  • Camp Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Other forms throughout the camp season

All personal information is stored and locked in filing cabinets, and computer access is protected through the use of secure databases and passwords. Employees are made aware of the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information. Details about your personal information are not shared with any third parties except related parties and the Green Acres etc… as we all share the same office and if required to do so by law or in the belief that the information is necessary to ensure the camper’s health, safety and well being.

If you require additional information about Camp Riverwood’s policies and practices relating to the management of your personal information, please contact Lori Bogomolny at (905) 428-0042.