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Our Friday Spirit Rallies are one of the most anticipated events of the week.  Every unit is assigned a colour.  In keeping with the spirit of the day, we ask that you try to ensure that your campers come dressed (at least one piece of clothing, preferably a top) in their unit colours which are outlined below: Pandas (Traditional Campers Finishing Nursery, JK, SK in June 2022) – Red Tigers (Traditional Camper Finishing Grade 1 or 2 in June 2021) – Orange Hawks (Traditional Camper Finishing Grade 3 or 4 in June 2022) – White Mustangs (Traditional Camper Finishing Grade 5 or 6 June 2022) – Green LTPs (Camper Finishing Grade 7, 8 or 9 in June 2022) – Black Otters (Optional Specialty Campers) – Navy

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