Optional Specialty Programs

  • Hands-on/Physically Distant teaching approach and age appropriate lessons
  • Some programs are located offsite, transportation included
  • Campers participate in their Optional Specialty Program for half of the camp day. The other half of the day is spent participating in other camp activities
  • See dates and fees page for program schedule

Wide Variety of Sports, Arts, and Science programs to choose from!

Girls have an opportunity to participate in many fun and crafty activities. Past examples include making bath salts & lip gloss, tie-dying t-shirts, clay works and more. Girls will also have the chance to indulge and learn how to do their own manicures!

Players learn the different aspects of baseball including hitting, bunting, fielding, catching, throwing, sliding, base running and pitching.

This program challenges campers to build creative structures using different mediums. Using Lego, Maze Runners, K’nex and other Building Tools, children will learn to create, design, plan and build. They will make cities, invent new methods of transportation, create homes of the future, animals and so much more!

For the creative and imaginative campers, there are a wide variety of fun and exciting craft activities that campers get to take part in. Some examples from the past include mask making, canvas art, papier cache, candle making and more! Campers take home all their craft creations as a reminder of their amazing camp experience.

Our summer dance program focuses on developing each dancer’s technique in a variety of styles such as jazz, modern and hip-hop. This program is geared towards learning choreography and on improving each dancer’s style, stage presence and confidence. Campers will learn an original routine and have the chance to perform in front of the camp at the end of the week!

Flag football and ultimate frisbee players will operate as learn to play programs, and will be recreational in nature, with a focus on fun and the fundamentals of the game and skill development. All skill levels are welcome!

Here is your chance to become a crime scene investigator, explore mock crime scenes, collect evidence and uncover hidden clues. Our staff will set up several mock crime scenes, and campers will use their skills to examine and interpret the clues and data found at the scene.

This program is all about using different kinds of beads and techniques to make many amazing projects! Examples include keychains, bracelets, dream catchers and more! Campers will even have the chance to make their own memory box to keep their creations safe!

A fantastic introduction to magic and the art of illusion. Campers will learn tricks that will “WOW” their friends and family.

Campers will have the opportunity to explore and create using different types of clay and techniques.  Projects will allow students to bring home amazing creations while having a great time!

Indoor rock climbing is a great way to build confidence, coordination and balance. Campers are supervised by trained climbing instructors provided by Rock Oasis and will learn to climb a variety of challenging and fun rock walls.

*Off-site activity

All aspects of soccer will be covered during the week. This program consists of team tactics and individual skills including passing, heading, free-kicking, shooting, goalkeeping and more. Emphasis is on developing sport-specific skills and the essentials of being an excellent team player.

Fascinated with space! Blast off into the world of rockets! Take a journey through the solar system and learn all about the planets plus other stars and galaxies. Campers will also learn the fundamentals of designing and building rockets. Each camper will have an opportunity to design, build and paint their own rocket and launch it at the end of each week.
Qualified tennis instruction is provided by Pickering Tennis Pros and is designed to focus on all aspects of the game including forehands, backhands, serves, volleys and overheads.

*Off-site activity

Video Game Creator is all about creating, designing and playing your very own video games. Throughout the program, campers will be able to create a variety of different video games with multiple levels. At the end of the week, each camper will receive a link where they can play their games and those of other campers online. Let the games begin!

Offering a hands-on interactive program that challenges campers to think and explore the hows and whys of science. Campers will perform experiments and watch live demonstrations.

In the beginning, I wondered how the camp would be able to keep the children entertained outdoors all day but when my son came home, he said they were always busy with one activity after another.” – Sandy