Covid-19 FAQ

SUMMER 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

We have released our 2021 Summer Camp COVID-19 Guidelines! Along with reviewing the FAQs below, please visit this page for up-to-date camp policies and procedures as they relate to COVID-19.

2021 Camp Changes

Optional Specialty Programs are a staple of Camp Riverwood and will remain for 2021 with a few modifications.  Most off site optional programs have been put on hold for 2021 with plans to bring them back in 2022. Click here for a list of optional specialty programs available in 2021.  Program availability will be based on camper grades, will be co-ed and will have a smaller range than previous years to avoid mixing of cohorts/cabins.  Your child(ren)’s morning Optional Specialty Program cabin/cohort will also be their afternoon traditional camp cabin/cohort (the cabin/cohort will remain together all day)

Based on current and anticipated Camp Guidelines, we are not planning on offering a daily recreational swim program at Camp Riverwood this summer.

Cabin groups (which are also known as Cohorts) must social distance themselves from other cohorts, at all times.  Campers do not need to social distance themselves with their friends within their cohorts.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be common place at camp this summer.  Depending on the staff job/position, staff will need to wear different types of PPE at different times.  This can include cloth and/or medical grade masks, face shields and/or goggles and full gowns.  We will ALWAYS follow and exceed recommendations from Public Health with regards to PPE.


This is a personal decision for you and your family to make but we can assure you that Riverwood will ensure that all Ministry Guidelines will be followed and sanitizing will be done on a more frequent basis then required by the guidelines. In sending your child to camp, daycare, going to the grocery store, going to the hair salon, there are risks involved that are out of anyone’s control. Campers and Staff go home in the evening and on the weekends, and we can’t control nor can we be 100% certain how people conduct their lives in these circumstances and outside of camp

Carpooling is up to individual families but we highly encourage you to carpool with others in the cohort and to follow the information in this document provided by York Region Public Health

We consider ourselves professional ‘groupers’ and will ensure that cohorts are well balanced and mixed, if necessary. Our Director team also reviews all the groupings after our admin team puts them together.

Yes, we are offering bussing for campers this summer.  The number of children allowed on the bus will be limited to allow for physical distancing.

Our new bus fee is there to cover the cost of additional buses to ensure social distancing as well as the additional cost of added sanitization.

Early picks are possible, but you would call the camp office in advance to make arrangements. Once you arrive onsite, you should remain in your car and call the camp office. Your child will be escorted by a staff member in PPE to the parking lot. This would also apply to late drop-off. You will pull up to the parking area, call the camp office and a staff member in PPE will come to pick up your child and bring them to their cohort.  Under no circumstances will parents be allowed on the campsite this summer.

Drop off and pick up times may change throughout the summer with advance notice.

Staff will be required to fill out screening forms daily and will have temperature checks done daily as well. Staff will be also asked to stay home if they are sick or experiencing any new symptoms and if they get sick during the day they will be sent home.

We plan to hire a better camper to staff ratio for Summer 2021. Given the current situation, the staff that are hired are excited and committed to working at camp. They are extremely invested in the kids and in our mission. All staff salaries were increased to reflect the added responsibilities for Summer 2021.


Yes! We are still finalizing the exact details of all of our programs.  We will ensure that the Cohorts are social distancing from each other.

We are happy to announce that we have secured more sheltered space at Petticoat Creek this summer.  Each shelter space will also be retrofitted with temporary curtains to protect us from the rain.  The programs and fun at Riverwood will not miss a beat this year!

Sports will be played only within the cohort and there will be no competing against other cohorts.

Camper Care

Your child’s cohort counsellors can comfort little campers while wearing a mask.  While camp may “look” different than previous summers, it will still “feel” the same.

Due to camp being predominantly outdoors, staff will wear masks when coming in close contact with their campers, meaning face to face with campers in their cohort, only. For example, applying sunscreen or providing first aid.

If young children need help, our counsellors will put on a face mask and will help our young kids with the bathroom, eating, playing, sunscreening, etc….

In the beginning, I wondered how the camp would be able to keep the children entertained outdoors all day but when my son came home, he said they were always busy with one activity after another.” – Sandy