Sailing Adventures

What a great day to go sailing! The sun was out, the water was shining, and we had a great time out on the water.


Today at sailing campers helped put up the sails on the boats, get the boats into the water and sail with them. It just goes to show that a little bit of hard work equals a lot of fun! By the motorboat campers got to go swimming in the lake. We then finished off our morning by getting the boats back to shore and jumping into the lake from the dock. We can’t wait to go back tomorrow 🙂

IMG_3547 IMG_3677

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Week 7 Highlights and a Great Start to Week 8

Last week was one of our best! Pandas, Tigers, and Hawks had an amazing Harry Potter themed extended night to look forward to and the Mustangs and LTP’s had a fantastic overnight to look forward to!

During extended night all campers were sorted into houses seen in Harry Potter (Gryfindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff) and then had a cheer off where Slytherin and Ravenclaw tied for first! Campers also got to create potions and make their own wands; they all looked amazing! At the end the extended night staff performed an amazing Harry Potter song and it was such a great performance.

11870898_875229242531592_352799771029642480_n 11863335_875230035864846_7580188802259743677_n

11885199_875230545864795_5364141114884207288_n 11866491_875231352531381_398814119022223040_n

The overnight trip took place at the Camp Riverwood sister camp: Green Acres. Campers had the chance to do trust activities, learn leadership skills, do high ropes, and have tons of fun!

11836865_875667099154473_4363166434829493796_n     11898927_875667742487742_733734090797094508_n

Today at Riverwood the sun was out and it was super hot so we had plenty of swim time; pandas actually went twice!

11863374_877011852353331_4700796434641657609_n 11885397_877012549019928_2385504625982491322_n

We can’t wait for the farm trip on Thursday (don’t forget to sign up!) and Wild Wild West day on Friday! We can’t wait to see all your ‘wild wild west’ costumes 🙂



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Riverwood Friendship and Week 6 Highlights

Ah, what an amazing week it has been! Week 6 is only 4 short days but we are making the most of it here at Riverwood! All week the counselors and campers have been having a great time playing games, competing, and, making new friends. The friendships that we see blossom from day to day are truly amazing and we can’t wait to see more new friendships in the last few weeks of summer 🙂

11846742_872064819514701_2452877152100599307_n 11013043_871519892902527_717669024890096909_n

Morning Assemblies this week have consisted of counselor competitions, camper competitions, and dance parties! Assemblies have ranged from cheer-offs and balloon popping,  to lip-syncing battles, trivia, and dancing!

11822605_872063492848167_7596059904210954538_n 11800299_871518056236044_7156241229043297526_n

Our half-day programs have been doing some amazing stuff this week and today we’ll focus on ‘Space Exploration’ and ‘Tasty Treats.’ In Space Exploration half of the campers launched rockets into the sky that they have been working on all week which was super exciting! And in Tasty Treats campers have made amazing treats like Rice Krispie Pizza!

11811303_872064262848090_6447934152082109557_n 11813453_872064286181421_7485922360270676107_n 11800441_871519186235931_1438559306408240412_n

But before this week ends we look forward to dressing up for our ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme Friday and skating together as a big Riverwood family 🙂


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Best Dressed, Flower Crowns, and Stawberry DNA Extractions

Today was a blast! Counselors were dressed up, the day was beautiful, and best of all campers continued to bring a smile to our faces! The energy they bring EVERYDAY is such a great thing to see which makes us look forward to coming back each and every day. So thank you campers! Today the JR campers had the privilege of decorating their counselors (Selyna, Scott, Elke, Gail, Caleb, and Heather-Anne). With the use of markers, stickers, streamers, necklaces, puppets, and hats the counselors were dressed from head to toe in very cool outfits! The best dressed counselor was determined by the cheers from the counselors and ultimately Tiger counselor Selyna won best dressed!

11755091_868170199904163_8970014674628330747_n 11796271_868170446570805_5285433777562153303_n

In the SR morning assembly campers took part in a fantastic dance party! Campers had a blast getting their dance on with upbeat songs that got them pumped up for the rest of the camp day! The hawks also had an amazing time making flower crowns in the afternoon; they looked AMAZING!

11223965_868173379903845_4792758809836016088_n 11817224_868173443237172_3563043012864513377_n

We also had the opportunity to check up on our campers in the C.S.I. half day program and we were SO impressed with what we saw! Campers were assisted by Specialist Genevieve and counselor Sharon on how to extract DNA from a strawberry! The final results were fantastic and it was amazing to see how they accomplished it! 11751963_868171783237338_8099260347648647278_n 11800619_868171966570653_4399022725994163191_n 11825205_868172086570641_2831573749759791382_n 11695943_868172183237298_5425311840722570280_n

See you all tomorrow!

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Fun in the sun!

What a beautiful day and great start to week 5! Today the sun was shining bright and the heat was endless, but of course we took many shade and water breaks!

We are so excited for the rest of the week, we have many surprises planned and can’t wait to start revealing them 🙂 Today the campers in traditional camp and C.S.I. received a Forensics’ Canine Presentation from some great Police Officers. The campers learned a lot and got to see one of the dogs find a bone hidden by a camper by using its sense of smell.

11742646_867518426636007_7080538129527227650_n 11204469_867518613302655_1833046280791911179_n

We also had an excellent time cooling off in the pool and splash pad! Check out the pictures below as well as the pictures on our facebook page!

11755930_867520306635819_804926819672251245_n 11751859_867519133302603_6582167775166298563_n

See you all bright and early tomorrow 🙂

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Good Morning, Riverwood!

We dropped in today on our Musical Theatre rehearsals to see what our awesome campers were up to. Cameron, our incredible drama specialist has written his own musical about Camp Riverwood, and our campers are loving it! With adaptations of songs including “Good Morning Riverwood (Baltimore)” from Hairspray, and “Fabulous” from High School Musical, they have already choreographed many routines and learned their lines.

The rest of the camp can’t wait to see their production on Friday. After seeing how amazing their rehearsal went today, we are positive it is going to be one of the best musicals Riverwood has seen yet!

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A water filled day!

What an amazing start to week 3 at Riverwood so far! Thank you to all the campers that keep putting a smile on all of our faces!

Today was beautiful with tons of heat so we made sure to visit the pool, splash pad, and play fun water filled games!

11760053_864248160296367_5854234802415234718_n 11200803_864249133629603_7428240153314157477_n

11760053_864248343629682_1907676531408239240_n 13755_864248760296307_436100019133780753_n


Today at the JR morning assembly we had a competition between the Tiger Girls and Boy, as well as Pandas 1+2, vs. Pandas 3+4. Campers competed in a relay race where they had to fill cups with water obtained by sponges! The groups were ALL very close to winning with all teams finishing within seconds of each other, but ultimately the winners were: The Tiger Boys and Pandas 1+2. We can’t wait for the counselor battles to begin tomorrow morning!

In the SR morning assembly the campers played a competitive game of “Wheel of Fortune: Pan Am Edition.” The Hawks made an incredible comeback after landing on ‘bankrupt’ causing the game to result in a tie! Great job campers!

Ultimately everyone is a winner at Camp Riverwood!

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Fun in the Sun!

For todays blog post, we decided to talk to a few of our campers to see their favourite things about Camp!

Elliott, a Hawk, told us that he loves the counsellors and all of the games he gets to play! His favourite thing about this week was seeing all of the counsellors and head staff. Samantha loves Ultimate Frisbee, especially when she gets to play it with her friends at camp. This week, she had a great time at the Counsellor Pageant where we crowned our amazing counsellor Alex the winner! Both Samantha and Elliott love the morning assemblies and thought the trivia game we played on Tuesday was awesome!

Rowan loves everything at camp. He loves so many things that he can’t pick a favourite! Nicholas, one of our Pandas, had the best time doing Lego for his morning optional. He also sang Katy Perry for us and he’s a GREAT singer! Firework is his favourite song.

If you ask us, the campers are definitely the best part of Camp Riverwood. We are SO lucky to be able to have such incredible campers who not only bring smiles to our faces, but keep them there long after we go home. Thank you for making our summers’ here at Camp amazing – we couldn’t do it without you!


Samantha and Rachel – 8 & 12 years old


Elliot – 8 years old

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Lip Syncing, Beauty Pageants, Stilts, and Traveling Critters

Wednesday’s morning assembly for both Junior (Panda and Tiger) and Senior (Hawk and Mustang) shelters was an exciting one that no one wanted to miss! The Junior counselors competing in a ‘lip syncing battle,’ where the winner was determined by the cheers made by the campers. Once the determined winners were announced, “Selyna and Zalika,” the campers took part in a dance party. The Senior counselors competed in a ‘Beauty Pageant’ where “Alex” became the Pageant Queen.

11249019_861622353892281_8817394294250138101_n 11737917_861638277224022_7927880245571876636_n

Today Senior Campers tried their absolute best to walk on stilts! This was such an exciting activity to watch and also take part in!

22085_861623613892155_1190204276674420163_n 11705155_861623667225483_8270099437289219359_n

The Junior Campers got a visit from ‘Traveling Critters,” and were able to see, watch, and pet animals from birds to snakes.

11755736_861630757224774_1510136389877840092_n 11742749_861630373891479_4525074880972595672_n

What an exciting day! We can’t wait until tomorrow 🙂

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Great Start to Week 2!

Camp seems to only gets better week by week! Today we had a nice bright, hot, and sunny day 🙂 Campers had lot’s of fun in the sun with plenty of water breaks and activities in the shade to cool them down.

11745956_860395154015001_3581832570466443835_n 11204895_860393294015187_4728230382608471658_n

Today in Crafty Creations (One of our optional half day programs), campers created hand shaped bowls! They looked so cool that all the campers wanted to make one!

11742719_860393457348504_3887072202247373994_n 11057488_860393414015175_1957965236143773259_n

All the campers seemed so sad when we told them the day was over and so were we! That’s why on THURSDAY JULY 16th, we will be hosting an Extended Night at Camp Riverwood so we can continue having fun until 7pm!

The Theme of the Junior Extended Night is ‘Finding Dory,’ and the Extended Night for Seniors is ‘Detective Themed.’ Please register for the fantastic night by Wednesday.

We hope to see you there!

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