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Summer 2020 Update – COVID-19Dear Camp Riverwood Community, We would like to start off by thanking you for your continued patience and support during this difficult and unprecedented time. We know that many children look forward to camp all year long and are asking daily when and if they will be going to Riverwood this summer. Based on the […]
Week 8, Day 3 – August 22, 2018Today our Senior campers took a day trip to Green Acres! Hawks and Mustangs participated in so many exciting activities while we were there! The morning started off with a visit to see the farm animals! There were a variety of different animals for everyone to look at, such as goats, chickens and pigs. Oh my! […]
Week 8, Day 1 – August 20, 2018Welcome to the first day of week 8! Today we went around and asked our campers what they’re looking forward to this week and here is what they had to say! “I’m excited to go to the splash pad!” Adam, Pandas 2   “I can’t to see what we make at arts and crafts!” Vanessa, […]
Week 7, Day 4 – August 17, 2018Today our campers had a chance to participate in a little extra fun at our extended night! Our junior shelter had their very own Super Mario party with hats, mustaches, and more! On the other side of camp, our senior shelter was having a beach party! But before the party officially started it was off to […]
Week 7, Day 2 – August 14, 2018Today we asked our Pandas to list the top 5 reasons they love camp and this is what they had to say! Will, Pandas 1 I Love swimming I like eating lunch I love doing crafts I like going on the bus I like playing Azure, Pandas 1 It’s very fun I love going swimming  […]
Week 7, Day 1 – August 13, 2018Welcome to the first day of week 7! Today we asked our campers what they are most excited for this week and here is what they had to say! “I can’t wait to wear my pajamas to camp on Friday for pajama day!” – Rowan, Mustangs 31 “I’m looking forward to making cute new things […]
Week 6, Day 2 – August 8, 2018A little rain can’t get us down! Today the weather caused us to take shelter at an indoor location, but that doesn’t mean we had any less fun!  Our morning optionals continued indoors as they regularly would. Our All That Glitters group were found making beautiful dreamcatchers On the other side of the arena our […]
Week 6, Day 1 – August 7, 2018Welcome back to camp, we hope everyone had a fun and relaxing long weekend! Today we went around to ask our campers what they are excited for this week! “I’m excited to make boondoggle!” – Paloma, Tigers 11 “I’m excited to build things with lego! I want to build a T-Rex and a Dragon!” – […]
Week 5, Day 4 – August 2Today we visited two more of our off-site optionals to get in on more of the fun at camp! At tennis, you need to have quick reflexes as our campers can be seen rallying their balls back and forth in an attempt to score a point against their opponent.  When they’re not facing off against […]
Week 5, Day 3 – August 1, 2018Today we had a special guest visit us at Camp Riverwood! The Bounce Entertainment team came over to throw us a dance party and teach our campers some awesome new moves! But before the party could officially start we all had a quick warm up session to prepare for the crazy, non-stop dancing that was […]
Week 5, Day 2 – July 31, 2018Today we visited two of our optionals to get an inside scoop on all the fun everyone is having!  At rock climbing, you need to look up if you want to see our campers as most of them are climbing up to 25ft from the ground! Kerstin, Sydney, and Allison from Mustangs 33 are having […]
Week 5, Day 1 – July 30, 2018Welcome to the first day of week 5! Today we went around and asked our campers what they are excited for in the days to come. This is what they had to say: “I’m excited to go swimming!” – Daniel, Pandas 3 “On Friday we’re playing with water balloons!” – Jesse, Tigers 12 “I’m excited […]
Pre-Camp Day 3Today marks day 3 of Pre-Camp at Camp Riverwood! Our counselors have been hard at work preparing for the first day of camp! They have been training non-stop, and learning new ways to create a fun and safe experience for all of our campers. Tonight at 5:30pm – 6:30pm is our parent meet and greet. […]
Field Trip!Today Camp Riverwood took a field trip to Camp Green Acres! Our campers spent the day enjoying the scenery on tractor rides and taking part in some of the excellent optionals that Green Acres has on site. Including High Ropes, Archery, Mountain Biking, Kangoo Jumps and Basketball. We had an amazing day full of fun! […]
Skatepark AdventuresTodays optional of the day was Skatepark Adventures! Our campers had a blast riding around the Audley Recreation Centre skatepark. Some kids landed first time tricks and impressed everyone! Some future pro’s in the making.
Rainy DayDue to the weather Camp Riverwood transported the fun indoors! 
Off to a Good StartMonday has kicked itself into gear with a bunch of fun optionals for week 8! Today’s optional of the day was Horseback Riding! Campers had an amazing time meeting, grooming, feeding and riding their favorite horses at the Stonewood stables.  
B Smart Kids FoundationToday, with the support of our friends from B Smart, our campers had the privilege of choosing one or two books to take home for free! What an amazing way to encourage the importance of literacy and remind everyone that reading is fun!    For more information on this wonderful foundation, visit
Toronto SpiritIt has been another great week here at Camp Riverwood. It is the end of the week and that means it was time for another Friday Theme Day! This Friday was Toronto Spirit Day! All of our campers and staff were decked out in their best attire to show the support of their favorite Toronto […]
Don’t ask, just bounce!Yesterday ended off with a BOUNCE thanks to our friends Tiffany and Daniel from Bounce Entertainment! They had everyone up on their feet, dancing and having a great time. We can’t wait until we get to party with them again! Check out Camp Riverwood in Pickering (@campriverwood) on Facebook for a video of Bounce Entertainment […]
TennisOur campers had a wonderful time playing tennis at the Dunnmore Tennis Court today. They practiced their front hand swings, back hand swings and their footwork.  They started the day with a good warm up followed by a stretch ensuring no one got an injury. After a couple of practice rallies they were all playing like […]
Tee TimeThe campers who attended the golf optional this morning had an amazing time at Carruthers Creek Golf & Country Club.  They were able to drive their golf balls as far as they could at the beautiful driving range.  Our golf campers also got to work on reducing their number of strokes using Carruthers state of […]
Week 2 Recap post –Week 2 Recap post – Camp days are finally back! This week, we welcomed 243 new and familiar faces to Camp Riverwood! We laughed, we danced, we played, we swam, and we saw a baby kangaroo, two parrots, a snake, a ferret, a chinchilla, and so much more. Along with our furry friends, we had […]
Star Wars Day!What a way to end Week 7! So many campers came dressed for our star wars themed day and it was awesome! Our campers in golf got to play a real round on the course, everyone in tumbling and trampoline got awarded certificates, and it was a sunny day 🙂   Next week our theme […]
Swimming Into Extended NightThursday was a great day! The sun was shining and everyone was excited for our second and final extended night of the summer! Campers had a blast making crafts, playing games, swimming and more. Check our some of the fun we had at swimming: As the day ended we started our Olympic themed extended night […]
Day trips and Surprise VisitsToday was our annual LTP day trip to our sister camp ‘Green Acres’ and it was a blast!!! The LTP’s got a great chance to develop their friendships even further and participate in activities like archery, high ropes, low ropes, and team building 🙂 On top of all this we had the chance to check […]
Rain, Rain, Tumble AwayWith so much rain we decided to go to Forest Brook Church to play games and do activities in an indoor facility. So many different activities were being done from having a HUGE dance party where campers learned the camp dance, ‘cotton-eyed joe.’ and showed off their own moves to doing some art’s and crafts. […]
The Riverwood OpenTennis started off great today and we can’t wait to see what these campers will learn by Friday. We did a quick warm-up to start and then went on to do some hand-eye coordination drills so once we started using the racket we would be able to hit the ball, at one point the campers […]
We Are the ChampionsThe Olympics just started late last week so in Week 6 we decided to theme the week around the Olympics. Campers were making crafts like flags decorated with Olympic rings and playing themed games. On our Friday theme day campers came dressed up in sport jerseys to represent their favourite teams and we started off […]
Martial ArtsTo become a great martial artist we need to have great instructors and plenty of practice time. Luckily this week at camp campers can dedicate their morning to this. Today they focused on sparing, their ability to focus, and creating swift movements. To start off the morning everyone took turns practicing their warm-up drills with […]
‘Rockin’ OutToday our rock climbing campers reached new heights! From day 1 they have been improving their skills and it is clear to see. The campers look more comfortable and want to try harder and harder climbing walls. Not only are they trying these walls they are reaching the top 🙂 We can’t wait to see […]
Horseback Riding!Another beautiful day of week 6! Today the campers that do horseback riding in the morning not only rode a horse but got to learn essential horse grooming skills. It may only be Tuesday but so far they have all learned to control their assigned horse from telling it to go, stop, or turn in […]
The Start to a Great WeekWhat a great start to Week 6! The sun was shining, campers were smiling, and we were all having a great time! Along with traditional camp we have campers participating in our rock climbing, instructional swim, horseback riding, tumbling and trampoline, cheerleading, lego, and martial arts camp. Our annual LTP (Leadership Training Program) started today […]
Zootopia, Rockets, and SkatingWow! What a great Friday! The day started off with a bus competition and plenty of costumes themed to Zootopia! The costumes were incredible and so were the cheers! Ultimately the RAPTOR bus won but every bus did mazing! Right before lunch we all got to experience a rocket launch by our campers in our […]
Art AttackWith Zootopia as our theme of the week what better way to prepare for it than to create animal shilouettes in water colour for art! By drawing animal shilouettes and using water colours we were able to create a sunset effect and it was beautiful! Some campers used stencils while others free-handed some animals. Either […]
That’s CraftyWhat a hot day! We’re so glad we could cool off in the pool and play in the shade. The girls in our optional ‘All That Glitters’ created some amazing crafts today! All week they will be creating things from emoji pillows to bath bombs. Today we made some amazing purses and painted some memory […]
Tasty Treats and All Things SweetWe have so many sweet things that we get to do at camp from playing tetherball to water games. Today the hawks and mustangs were playing an intense game of boys vs. girls in soccer baseball. The game was neck and neck until the end when the girls took the win! We also had some […]
Flashback Friday!Today we had our 4th theme day Friday and it was a blast! Our theme day was all about the 60’s, 70’s, 80′, 90’s and any other decade. The campers were decked out from head to toe in some fantastic costumes from home and the buses had their annual Friday bus competition where head staff […]
Skatepark FunToday’s blog is all about our skateboarding optional! All the campers in this program brought their boards and scooters to a local skatepark to practice and show off their skills. After campers had put on their helmets, knee, and elbow pads we went into the park. There were so many obstacles to try and each […]
C.S.I. and Bounce Dance PartySo many things happened today! There are far too many highlights to even count but in this blog we’ll feature our C.S.I. campers and our special event this afternoon with Bounce Entertainment. In C.S.I. today we had some police officers come it to show us what happens at a crime scene, let us take a […]
Sailing AdventuresWhat a great day to go sailing! The sun was out, the water was shining, and we had a great time out on the water. Today at sailing campers helped put up the sails on the boats, get the boats into the water and sail with them. It just goes to show that a little […]
Water Works and TreatsIt may have started off as a rainy morning but it quickly turned into a great day! All campers had the opportunity to swim it was a blast! Pandas went into the splash pad while the Tigers, Hawks, and Mustangs went over to the pool! Some of our campers also got to create some Funfetti […]
Comics and CartoonsIt’s theme day Friday! This week we dressed up as our favourite cartoon/comic characters. We saw everything from Elsa the Snow Queen and Snow White to Batman and Spiderman. Everyone looked fantastic and we can’t wait to see all of your costumes for week 4’s theme day: FLASHBACK FRIDAY! Make sure you check out our […]
Horseback!The interaction between our campers and the horses at the stables is so beautiful to see! They are all so caring, gentle, and eager to ride them. Today campers had the chance to trot, circle their horses, and complete an obstacle course on their horse among other activities. It was so much fun the campers […]
Golfing!Today the campers in our golf optional had a blast out on the green! From doing the golf simulator to practicing their putting skills. We payed extra attention to do using a proper golf form so we could hit the ball super well! Maybe one day we’ll see these campers on a PGA tour 🙂   See […]
Hello from Tiger Girls; Cabin 13Today the tiger girls from cabin 13 wanted to talk about their favourite parts of the camp day! Here are their best memories: Amalia: Making stuff with boondoggle; string used to make bracelets Claire: Swimming! Jayden: Playing tennis Olivia: Getting to play Gaga ball Elle: All that Glitters! We made awesome arts and crafts Victoria […]
The Start of Week 3The first day to the start of a great week is done! This week so many activities are happening from horse back riding to dodgeball. It’s supposed to be a nice hot week so plenty of trips to the pool will be made and water games will be played. Today the campers taking part in […]
Best Hair & HatsToday was crazy hair and hat day at Riverwood and boy was it fun! We all started off the day with a great bus competition that the porcupine bus ultimately won! However all the buses amazed us with their decorations and cheers! Here are some of the craziest hair styles and hats that we saw […]
Riverwood’s Birthday Celebration!We had our first extended night of the summer and it was great! We had bouncy castles, cotton candy, twister, giant jenga, and pizza amount other things. The turnout was also amazing and we are all so glad so many of you were able to join us for the celebration of Riverwood’s 10th birthday! Our […]
Sporty DayYesterday was a fantastic day full of great activities and games! In the morning we had junior shelter counsellors (pandas + tigers) do an egg themed challenge which was a bunch of fun to watch! Over at the senior shelter the hawk and mustang boys were busy in a soccer tournament. It was a constant […]
Play with ClayThank you to everyone for such a great day! We stayed cool in the pool and drink plenty of water. Today we are featuring our half day program ‘play with clay.’ Campers get to create some great crafts with clay. Yesterday we made TIC-TAC-TOE boards and they were all dry and ready to play with […]
Tasty Treats and Great EatsAt Camp Riverwood we have plenty of different programs and one of the programs is Tasty Treats where campers get to make treats! Yesterday campers got the chance to make some mini pizzas which were a delight! Today the campers got the opportunity to create cookie dough cupcakes and they were DELICIOUS! They baked perfectly […]
Welcome Back!Welcome back everyone! Today was a great start to a brand new week at Riverwood. There are so many great things in store for this week from the extended night this Thursday to our theme day on Friday. Today we spent plenty of time at the pool. In the morning a bunch of our campers […]
Minions!We had our first theme day of the summer! We got to see so many great costumes and bus decorations and hear some great minion themed bus cheers! The porcupine took the prize of best cheer while the Raptor bus got the prize for best decorations, but all the buses did a fantastic job and […]
Extended Night – Week 2Calling all week 2 campers!!! You are all invited to Riverwood’s extended night on July 14th to celebrate Riverwood’s 10th birthday party! This should be a super fun night full of games, cheers, and lot’s of FUN! We hope to see you all there 🙂  
Keeping it Cool in the PoolThe sun was out and shining today so many water games were played to keep us cool! In the Junior morning assembly we had a friendly water relay competition between the Pandas and Tigers. The Tiger girls were the first to finish but everyone was a winner! All the campers got the opportunity to go […]
Traveling Critters and Bouncy CastlesPandas, Tigers, Hawks, and Mustangs oh my! We may all be named after an animal but today we had some real animal visitors down at the camp as a nice surprise along with some bouncy castles. The juniors got to see the Traveling Critters while the seniors got to bounce. We got to hear a […]
Fun in the SunWhat a great day! Luckily by the lake it’s a little bit cooler so we were able to still have some fun in the sun. This morning started off with the Mustang and Hawk girls playing minute to win it games and it was pretty exciting! Round one started off with a competition where campers […]
First day back!What a great start to the first week of summer at camp! So many activities are in store but they will remain a surprise for now! This Friday we all dressing up as MINIONS! We have already started getting ready for Friday with minion themed games, arts and crafts, and science experiments. If your camper […]
Summer 2016!What time is it? Summer time! It’s that time of year again and everyone at Riverwood is super excited to welcome campers back and see new faces! We are also celebrating our 10th year as a camp which is such an exciting milestone! Last week we had our annual meet and greet (Wednesday, June 29th) and […]
Rain, Rain, go Away!We started off with a sunny, humid day at camp where we got to play games such as huckle buckle, big ball soccer, gaga ball, and tether-ball. Today we especially wanted to point out how great everyone in the volleyball half-day program has gotten. Campers are learning and improving their volleyball skills as they get ready for […]
Week 7 Highlights and a Great Start to Week 8Last week was one of our best! Pandas, Tigers, and Hawks had an amazing Harry Potter themed extended night to look forward to and the Mustangs and LTP’s had a fantastic overnight to look forward to! During extended night all campers were sorted into houses seen in Harry Potter (Gryfindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff) and […]
Riverwood Friendship and Week 6 HighlightsAh, what an amazing week it has been! Week 6 is only 4 short days but we are making the most of it here at Riverwood! All week the counselors and campers have been having a great time playing games, competing, and, making new friends. The friendships that we see blossom from day to day […]
Best Dressed, Flower Crowns, and Stawberry DNA ExtractionsToday was a blast! Counselors were dressed up, the day was beautiful, and best of all campers continued to bring a smile to our faces! The energy they bring EVERYDAY is such a great thing to see which makes us look forward to coming back each and every day. So thank you campers! Today the […]
Fun in the sun!What a beautiful day and great start to week 5! Today the sun was shining bright and the heat was endless, but of course we took many shade and water breaks! We are so excited for the rest of the week, we have many surprises planned and can’t wait to start revealing them 🙂 Today […]
Good Morning, Riverwood!We dropped in today on our Musical Theatre rehearsals to see what our awesome campers were up to. Cameron, our incredible drama specialist has written his own musical about Camp Riverwood, and our campers are loving it! With adaptations of songs including “Good Morning Riverwood (Baltimore)” from Hairspray, and “Fabulous” from High School Musical, they […]
A water filled day!What an amazing start to week 3 at Riverwood so far! Thank you to all the campers that keep putting a smile on all of our faces! Today was beautiful with tons of heat so we made sure to visit the pool, splash pad, and play fun water filled games!     MORNING ASSEMBLY Today […]
Fun in the Sun!For todays blog post, we decided to talk to a few of our campers to see their favourite things about Camp! Elliott, a Hawk, told us that he loves the counsellors and all of the games he gets to play! His favourite thing about this week was seeing all of the counsellors and head staff. Samantha […]
Lip Syncing, Beauty Pageants, Stilts, and Traveling CrittersWednesday’s morning assembly for both Junior (Panda and Tiger) and Senior (Hawk and Mustang) shelters was an exciting one that no one wanted to miss! The Junior counselors competing in a ‘lip syncing battle,’ where the winner was determined by the cheers made by the campers. Once the determined winners were announced, “Selyna and Zalika,” […]
Great Start to Week 2!Camp seems to only gets better week by week! Today we had a nice bright, hot, and sunny day 🙂 Campers had lot’s of fun in the sun with plenty of water breaks and activities in the shade to cool them down.   Today in Crafty Creations (One of our optional half day programs), campers […]
Crazy Costumes: Movies!We had our first Crazy Costume day of the summer and this week, the theme was movies! It was so fun to see all of our favourite movie characters running around camp. We saw everyone from Harry Potter to Captain Jack Sparrow and we were so impressed with the creativity everyone put in to their […]
Fun Days and Tasty Treats!Today was a great success with plenty of fun activities done in each group. Campers were doing various activities from playing soccer and tetherball to swimming and doing arts and crafts. The great energy produced by the fantastic campers and counselors only made the day better. We are all so excited at camp to get […]
A bouncy day at Camp!Wow! Another INCREDIBLE day at camp! Every day is great at camp, but today was especially fantastic. With two bouncy castles and Kangoo Jump boots, Riverwood definitely broke the record for the bounciest day ever! Everyone was so excited and laughter could be heard all the way from the pool. With the extra special programming along with […]
A new summer at Riverwood!We are so excited to be back at Riverwood starting another incredible summer! The past two days have been packed with fun and it is only the beginning. It was amazing seeing all of the familiar faces, as well as the beautiful new ones and we can’t wait to see the many new friendships bloom […]
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