Week 5, Day 2 – July 31, 2018

Today we visited two of our optionals to get an inside scoop on all the fun everyone is having! 

At rock climbing, you need to look up if you want to see our campers as most of them are climbing up to 25ft from the ground!

Kerstin, Sydney, and Allison from Mustangs 33 are having so much fun and are constantly challenging themselves to climb higher each time!

“It’s our goal to climb to the top of the 5.7 wall by the end of the week!”

Over at tumbling and trampoline you’ll find our campers flying through the air doing a variety of impressive tricks, from cartwheels to back handsprings!

“I like learning new and more challenging tricks. I also like learning new strategies for other tricks because I’m a dancer so it’s helpful!”

– Marlie, Mustangs 31

Wow! These optionals were both so fun to visit! We’re looking forward to checking in on a couple more of our off-site campers throughout the week!