Week 2 Recap post –

Week 2 Recap post –

Camp days are finally back! This week, we welcomed 243 new and familiar faces to Camp Riverwood!

We laughed, we danced, we played, we swam, and we saw a baby kangaroo, two parrots, a snake, a ferret, a chinchilla, and so much more.

Along with our furry friends, we had other cool programs. We had Magic with Bob the Magician where our campers learned all kinds of fun tricks. We also had Play With Clay run by our very own counselors, where we made many beautiful sculptures to take home to Mom and Dad.

Some of our campers trained to become the next Michael Phelps at our instructional swim program, while others tried to be Gabby Douglas at our tumbling & trampoline course. And let’s not forget our many new horseback riders!

With the help of our lovely counselors & creative campers, the first week of camp was one to remember. To all our outgoing campers, we hope you had a great time at Camp Riverwood and to all our returning friends, we can’t wait to see you again!