Star Wars Day!

What a way to end Week 7! So many campers came dressed for our star wars themed day and it was awesome! Our campers in golf got to play a real round on the course, everyone in tumbling and trampoline got awarded certificates, and it was a sunny day 🙂

IMG_8133 IMG_8124 IMG_8133

Next week our theme is DISNEY! We cannot wait to see everyone all dressed up for camp next Friday!

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Swimming Into Extended Night

Thursday was a great day! The sun was shining and everyone was excited for our second and final extended night of the summer! Campers had a blast making crafts, playing games, swimming and more. Check our some of the fun we had at swimming:

IMG_7837 IMG_7921

As the day ended we started our Olympic themed extended night off with a late afternoon swim followed by some crafts and activities. Campers created 1st medals because we’re all winners at Riverwood and then competed in an obstacle course. To refresh ourselves we had pizza for dinner! What a great night 🙂

IMG_8078 IMG_8118

See you all tomorrow for our STAR WARS themed theme day!

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Day trips and Surprise Visits

Today was our annual LTP day trip to our sister camp ‘Green Acres’ and it was a blast!!! The LTP’s got a great chance to develop their friendships even further and participate in activities like archery, high ropes, low ropes, and team building 🙂 On top of all this we had the chance to check out their petting zoo and have a great lunch all together.

IMG_7667 IMG_7662

Back at camp we had a surprise visit from the Canine Dog Unit of the police force. A police officer came and talked to our campers about his job and how his dog helps him everyday. The dog was so excited to see some friendly faces and campers asked so many great questions for the officer to answer! It was a great time and we look forward to next year for our next visit from them.

IMG_7197 IMG_7223

Don’t forget about our extended night tomorrow! It should be a great night and we hope to see you all there!

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Rain, Rain, Tumble Away

With so much rain we decided to go to Forest Brook Church to play games and do activities in an indoor facility. So many different activities were being done from having a HUGE dance party where campers learned the camp dance, ‘cotton-eyed joe.’ and showed off their own moves to doing some art’s and crafts.

IMG_7415 IMG_7431

In tumbling and trampoline campers were shown some new tricks to add to their repitiur. We started off with stretches to gain flexibility and warm up for the tricks. We even played a game called “Shark in the Water” where campers practiced their speed and control, two things very important in gymnastics/cheer.

IMG_7229 IMG_7252

The rain looks like it should stay away tomorrow, and we are so excited for tomorrow 🙂


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The Riverwood Open

Tennis started off great today and we can’t wait to see what these campers will learn by Friday. We did a quick warm-up to start and then went on to do some hand-eye coordination drills so once we started using the racket we would be able to hit the ball, at one point the campers even had two balls in the air to catch. Once we finished off our drills we went on to practice using our racket. It was a good start to the program and it will only get better as the days go on! As the campers improve their skills they will be able to face each other in their own matches and we are so excited to see the outcome.

IMG_6931 IMG_6933 IMG_6963

See everyone tomorrow 🙂

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We Are the Champions

The Olympics just started late last week so in Week 6 we decided to theme the week around the Olympics. Campers were making crafts like flags decorated with Olympic rings and playing themed games. On our Friday theme day campers came dressed up in sport jerseys to represent their favourite teams and we started off the morning with our weekly bus competition. The cheers were some of the best we’ve heard this summer but the PORCUPINE bus won for best cheer and decorations.

IMG_6542 IMG_6545

All the campers in tumbling and trampoline as well as cheerleading had a ceremony of their own at Ultimate Canadian Cheer. After a week of learning new tricks and skills the campers in tumbling and trampoline each camper received a certificate and a recommendation into which program they should start at Ultimate to continue their cheer experience. After the campers in cheerleading performed an AMAZING routine they also received their awesome certificates! We can’t wait to see what happens next week 🙂


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Martial Arts

To become a great martial artist we need to have great instructors and plenty of practice time. Luckily this week at camp campers can dedicate their morning to this. Today they focused on sparing, their ability to focus, and creating swift movements. To start off the morning everyone took turns practicing their warm-up drills with punches to the pad, round house kicks, and more. After practicing their sparing skills with partners they were able to finish up with a game of ninja where they focused on control. What a fun morning!

IMG_6359 IMG_6381

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‘Rockin’ Out

Today our rock climbing campers reached new heights! From day 1 they have been improving their skills and it is clear to see. The campers look more comfortable and want to try harder and harder climbing walls. Not only are they trying these walls they are reaching the top 🙂 We can’t wait to see what else they can accomplish by Friday!

IMG_6152 IMG_6216

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Horseback Riding!

Another beautiful day of week 6! Today the campers that do horseback riding in the morning not only rode a horse but got to learn essential horse grooming skills. It may only be Tuesday but so far they have all learned to control their assigned horse from telling it to go, stop, or turn in a circle. A lot of them even ride without a walking buddy beside them.

IMG_5916  IMG_5898  IMG_5920

After a while of riding we stopped by the stables and learned all about soft brushes vs. hard brushes. We discussed where they can be brushed, what they don’t like, and what direction brush. We then ended off by learning about the horse’s hooves including what parts are sensitive and how often they need to be cleaned. We can’t wait to go back tomorrow 😀

IMG_5944  IMG_5942

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The Start to a Great Week

What a great start to Week 6! The sun was shining, campers were smiling, and we were all having a great time! Along with traditional camp we have campers participating in our rock climbing, instructional swim, horseback riding, tumbling and trampoline, cheerleading, lego, and martial arts camp.

IMG_5796 IMG_5744
Our annual LTP (Leadership Training Program) started today was well! LTP campers are campers going into grade 9 or 10. These campers come to camp to improve their leadership skills, participate in camp activities, build things like their resume, and gain friends for life. 🙂 This year we have two different LTP sessions. Week 6 +7 or week 7+8. In week 7 our session come together to go on a overnight at our sister camp Green Acres. This should be a lot of fun so get excited!


See you all tomorrow 🙂

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