Week 7 Highlights and a Great Start to Week 8

Last week was one of our best! Pandas, Tigers, and Hawks had an amazing Harry Potter themed extended night to look forward to and the Mustangs and LTP’s had a fantastic overnight to look forward to!

During extended night all campers were sorted into houses seen in Harry Potter (Gryfindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff) and then had a cheer off where Slytherin and Ravenclaw tied for first! Campers also got to create potions and make their own wands; they all looked amazing! At the end the extended night staff performed an amazing Harry Potter song and it was such a great performance.

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The overnight trip took place at the Camp Riverwood sister camp: Green Acres. Campers had the chance to do trust activities, learn leadership skills, do high ropes, and have tons of fun!

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Today at Riverwood the sun was out and it was super hot so we had plenty of swim time; pandas actually went twice!

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We can’t wait for the farm trip on Thursday (don’t forget to sign up!) and Wild Wild West day on Friday! We can’t wait to see all your ‘wild wild west’ costumes 🙂