Best Dressed, Flower Crowns, and Stawberry DNA Extractions

Today was a blast! Counselors were dressed up, the day was beautiful, and best of all campers continued to bring a smile to our faces! The energy they bring EVERYDAY is such a great thing to see which makes us look forward to coming back each and every day. So thank you campers! Today the JR campers had the privilege of decorating their counselors (Selyna, Scott, Elke, Gail, Caleb, and Heather-Anne). With the use of markers, stickers, streamers, necklaces, puppets, and hats the counselors were dressed from head to toe in very cool outfits! The best dressed counselor was determined by the cheers from the counselors and ultimately Tiger counselor Selyna won best dressed!

11755091_868170199904163_8970014674628330747_n 11796271_868170446570805_5285433777562153303_n

In the SR morning assembly campers took part in a fantastic dance party! Campers had a blast getting their dance on with upbeat songs that got them pumped up for the rest of the camp day! The hawks also had an amazing time making flower crowns in the afternoon; they looked AMAZING!

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We also had the opportunity to check up on our campers in the C.S.I. half day program and we were SO impressed with what we saw! Campers were assisted by Specialist Genevieve and counselor Sharon on how to extract DNA from a strawberry! The final results were fantastic and it was amazing to see how they accomplished it! 11751963_868171783237338_8099260347648647278_n 11800619_868171966570653_4399022725994163191_n 11825205_868172086570641_2831573749759791382_n 11695943_868172183237298_5425311840722570280_n

See you all tomorrow!