Fun in the Sun!

For todays blog post, we decided to talk to a few of our campers to see their favourite things about Camp!

Elliott, a Hawk, told us that he loves the counsellors and all of the games he gets to play! His favourite thing about this week was seeing all of the counsellors and head staff. Samantha loves Ultimate Frisbee, especially when she gets to play it with her friends at camp. This week, she had a great time at the Counsellor Pageant where we crowned our amazing counsellor Alex the winner! Both Samantha and Elliott love the morning assemblies and thought the trivia game we played on Tuesday was awesome!

Rowan loves everything at camp. He loves so many things that he can’t pick a favourite!┬áNicholas, one of our Pandas, had the best time doing Lego for his morning optional. He also sang Katy Perry for us and he’s a GREAT singer! Firework is his favourite song.

If you ask us,┬áthe campers are definitely the best part of Camp Riverwood. We are SO lucky to be able to have such incredible campers who not only bring smiles to our faces, but keep them there long after we go home. Thank you for making our summers’ here at Camp amazing – we couldn’t do it without you!


Samantha and Rachel – 8 & 12 years old


Elliot – 8 years old