Lip Syncing, Beauty Pageants, Stilts, and Traveling Critters

Wednesday’s morning assembly for both Junior (Panda and Tiger) and Senior (Hawk and Mustang) shelters was an exciting one that no one wanted to miss! The Junior counselors competing in a ‘lip syncing battle,’ where the winner was determined by the cheers made by the campers. Once the determined winners were announced, “Selyna and Zalika,” the campers took part in a dance party. The Senior counselors competed in a ‘Beauty Pageant’ where “Alex” became the Pageant Queen.

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Today Senior Campers tried their absolute best to walk on stilts! This was such an exciting activity to watch and also take part in!

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The Junior Campers got a visit from ‘Traveling Critters,” and were able to see, watch, and pet animals from birds to snakes.

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What an exciting day! We can’t wait until tomorrow 🙂